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Falconry was once the sport of kings, today it is a very popular activity for people of all ages. The Field Sports centre is based at The English School of Falconry Bird of Prey and Conservation Centre.

The centre is home to the largest collection of Birds of Prey in the UK, with over 200 birds in the collection we are able to offer our customers the chance to meet, handle and fly different species of Owls, Hawks, Eagles, Falcons and even Vultures!

Our qualified falconers will be with you throughout the experience, you will have the opportunity to hold different species including the beautiful Barn Owl, giant Eagle Owl, American Bald Eagle, different species of hawks and falcons. The highlight of the experience is free flying some of the species; experience the silent flight of the owls, the huge flight of the eagles and the swift flight of the hawks. 

1 1/2 Hours — £25.00

You can combine falconry with different activities such as archery or air rifles.

If you’re looking for some fun in the country then try falconry, a truly memorable experience.